Saturday, 13 February 2010

Slow motion serendipity

Several weeks ago in Poetry at Work I contemplated  the  jolting transition from profoundly poetic to harshly prosaic.

Then suddenly I plunge into turbid work-waters, seeking uncontrived rhyme, rhythm, and reunion. Instead jolted by proudly, profoundly prosaic hard harsh habits, I struggle to rescue the dream from resigned remembrance and to surface, to breathe.

Now thankfully buoyed by miraculously new-found and re-found relationships, carried by the tidal flows that touch and disturb even dammed work-waters, I find poetry resurgent enough for shade and sustenance.

That abstract painting  uncannily resolved, unfolded in time since: change and challenge in photographic clarity. Doors closing and doors opening in slow motion serendipity; results crystallised in retrospect.

Therein lies a riddle clear to some, resolved for others in weeks to come.

Truth is some dammed work-waters can drown even a buoyant psyche. 

Salvation lies in the deep tidal flows that despite our plans and protestations lead us resurgent to unexpected places.  .  .  .  .  .



  1. The thought of photographic clarity challenges me, Steve. The camera manipulates, the camera lies, and yet the camera captures what we can often not see ourselves. "In vino veritas" maybe,but "in camera veritas" - I'm not so sure ...

  2. So the image becomes one of generalised impressions, imaginings, fears and hopes played out, and their reality glimpsed, resolved then frozen with crystalline clarity, by a photographer influenced by a shared bottle of Chard Farm “The Viper” Pinot Noir.