Monday, 23 February 2009

Coaching from within

Reflecting further on my encounter with Tom Peters, with fellow coaches today . . . . Tom is like a super coach to the Results organisation – he can do what I can’t do because I am effectively part of the Results organisation. He’s not. He’s Tom Peters! He’s his own person. He’s also an excellent speaker, fluent in his discipline, wise and well read!

He communicated what I had tried to communicate for almost 2 years but I failed mostly because, although I’m a leading coach, I can’t coach an organisation from within. The relational assumptions and dynamics won’t allow it.

After Tom’s address, a (NZ) Partner commented that I seemed to be getting better at expressing myself. No doubt there’s truth in that but equally at least, having heard Tom, the Partner was now more able to listen to me. We had a new shared experience and language to communicate with.

I am delighted. I feel like the windows have been thrown open and the light is flooding in.

Next step: collaborate to implement the insights, starting today, with the advantage of new shared experience and language.

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